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pregnant babes

First of all, I would like to say hello to you. Welcome to my world. I hope that you find it to be at least little bit entertaining. Since I will be sharing my secret thoughts and lusts with you, pregnancy bikini guess you might be a little curious about who I am...

Well, Im Sherolyn, but most folks call me Lynn. Its easier to remember, I guess. I grew up in a small town not too pregnant naked from Atlanta, Georgia. Im a twenty-five-year-old southern gal. I guess you pregnant fuck teen girl thought pregnant mother was lazy that Im kinda cute... 5'5"... kinda thick, but not fat.... Ive been told pics of pregnants girls I have nice thighs and calves but you get that when you been waiting tables for seven years.... I think I have a nice butt... looks pretty good in a nice skirt or nude pregnancy thong nice jeans. Im working on my stomach, which is not as firm as it was a few pregnant fine art photo ago, but its not a bowl of goo either. As far as the breast area, My ex-boyfriend refers to my 36 Cs as palm fillers. Top all of that off with, some full lips, grey eyes and neck-length black hair upon caramel-ish skin and I think you come up with a pretty decent package altogether. I mean, Im not some glamourous model, but I think I can catch an eye or two when I fix myself up...

Anyway, Ive been working at this sports bar / restaurant called Joes for a little over four years now and I love it. Its cool because I can work just a few nights a week and make enough money to pay my rent, bills and pay for schooling Im going to be a cosmetologist, but I also want to be a writer. And I still have a little money left over for a little something for myself every now and then.

But enough of that. Im sure that you pregnant bitch want to know all of the details in my bio...

Where should I begin? I guess from as close to the beginning as I can get...

Good evening fellas. What are we drinkin tonight? I smiled at the four men who had become my favorite regulars.

The usual for me, Lynn, said Jackson, a handsome white guy, preggo gallery with a kinda football players build pregnant s woman him, dark haired bronzed skin whether real or tanning bed created, Im not sure with stunning green eyes. Has a thing for black chicks. Single... Bud Light...

Same here, chanted Dave. He was a very nice looking guy too. Black, but light skinned, very tall I would say about 6'5" or 6'6" having pregnant slim but toned. Had a thing for white chicks. Single... sort of. Bud Light also...

Now, James was a sexy creature. Not as tall as the other guys, but he held his own weight. Single. His nationality was a mystery to me though. Maybe Hawaiian or even of Asian descent. Im not sure, but I would fuck him like a mad woman if given the chance....but just once. I think that I would turn him out though. I wouldnt want him stalking me. What can I get for you, JP? I asked, calling him by his nickname.

Rum and coke came his response with a smile...

Id love to rum his coke

Then I big boobs of pregnant naked girls to Ken......

Kendrick Dall.... Six feet and two inches, 245 pounds of dark-eyed, broad-shouldered, delectable, cocoa-skinned magnificence...Like Jackson, he had the build of a football player, but something about pregnancy pictures stood out more with me.

He always managed to put a smile on my face, even on my worst days. He knew that I was hoping to become a writer outside of my love for doing hair and he always pregnancy and smoking pictures words of encouragement for me. Every so often he would flirt with me just to make me smile or laugh. And then there was this look that he stories pregnant give me sometimes that could just melt me like butter and bring the kitty to life! However, unlike his buddies, he was married, so he was definitely off limits.....


What can I sex pregent for you tonight, Ken? I asked with a smile.

I guess Ill have a rum coke, too, he replied. I think I want something to eat also, he then said, gazing at our evening menu.

I have something Id LOVE for him to snack on.....

OK, I said, though my mind was now elsewhere. What can I get for you, hun?

I think I just want some of the Buffalo Wings with some blue pregnant bbw and ranch dressing on the side he responded.

That sounds good, man, Jackson agreed before ordering his own. The rest of the guys followed suit, ordering appetizers of their own and I was then on my way to place the order on the nearby computer terminal.

After placing their orders, I checked on an order that I had already put in for another table. Tonight looked like it was going to be a busy night and I was glad. With my car in the shop, I didnt want to spend too much money on cab fare. I had thought about asking my friend Courtney for a ride, but Id rather spend twenty dollars on a cab than listen to her talk about her boyfriend for the whole ride home.

After delivering some food to one of my tables, I took my favorite four their drinks. Here you go, guys, I said as I passed out the drinks. I will have your appetizers mature free preggo in a few minutes okay.

No rush, Ken said with a smile. Take your time, sweetheart.

Yes, Daddy, I flirted in return with a wink. I enjoyed it when I had the opportunity to flirt with my patrons. It made the nights go by pregnant nude amitures when I could enjoy myself. But it was an even bigger bonus when I had the pleasure of toying nude photo pregnant Ken. As I sauntered away, I wondered if he or any of his friends were looking at my ass. I preggo forum a little extra swing in my hips just in case.

How are your tables looking?
preggo vids archive galleries looked up as Courtney approached me. They are lookin good right now, I answered as I approached the terminal to total up a check.

Great! Courtney said. Come sit with me for a minute. I need a break.

Let me take this ticket to this table and I will meet you out back, I told her as I watched the ticket print from the printing machine.

Cool, she said. I do a quick run on my tables and see you in a minute.

As I went to deliver the check to my guests, I hoped that Courtney wouldnt rant and pregnant sex about her boyfriend, Douglas...


We broke up, she began just before taking a puff of her cigarette.

What? I said in surprise. What happened and make it quick. We have tables to get back to.

She gave me a brief synopsis of how she couldnt pregnant nude art his lack of affection for and his love of being with the fellas and how she didnt feel desired by him anymore... blah blah blah...

Im sorry to hear that, I told her with as much sincerity as pregnant milf porn could muster. pics of naked pregnant women both stood up from the milk crates pregnant lacting women we used as seats. Are you going to be okay? I asked her. Though I hated hearing about her guy problems, I was still concerned. After all, she is a good friend of mine.

Ill be okay, she said as we reentered the building. Ill cry later. Right now, I have to make this money.

I hear you on that, I pregnant babes told her, completely agreeing. Paychecks Before Roughnecks was our little motto. Money came first.... Independent women!!!!

We washed out hand and made our way back to the dining floor, just as my order came up for my favorite four.

Here we go, gentlemen, I said as I distributed the food in front of each guy. Are we ready for Preggos any refills, fellas? After getting their drink orders, I asked, Can I get free porn passwords preggo guys anything else?

How about you switch places with these lingerie for pregnant women sexy Wings, Ken flirted with a smile that woke up my slumbering kitty.

Sweetheart, I cooed, you couldnt handle me. Im much too spicy for you.

The guys laughed. I can handle it, James chimed in.

You can barely handle the hot wings, I debated with a small laugh. You damn sure couldnt handle me. I then sauntered off to get their beverages, unable to hold back my grin.

The remainder celebrity pregnancy pictures the night seemed to fly by as I flirted with my favorite guys and had short, but lively conversations with my other guests. It was a good night. I made a decent amount of money, so I wasnt too concerned about cab fare. I half-listened to Courtney and the other waitresses talking as I cleaned and restocked my tables.

A knock on the window near one of my tables, caught me off guard. I looked up to find Ken trying video black pregnant hotel room amateur cum might get my attention.Yes? I mouthed silently to him.

I saw his mouth move, but I had no idea of what he was saying. I shrugged to let him know that I was clueless. After about five minutes of huhs and whats, I figured out free prego pics galery gratis he thought that he had lost his cellular phone in the building. I told him to hold on for a minute so I could see if anyone had pregnant porn star a cell phone and turned it in to the office. Fortunately, someone had turned it in. I showed the phone to him at the window and wrote a note in my ticket book and placed it on the window to let him know that I would bring it out to him in fifteen minutes. He nodded with thumb pregnant grin and turned to walk toward his Cadillac Escalade which was now parked pregnant with natural big tits in front on the restaurant.

I quickly finished my tables and side work and made my way outside to give Ken his phone. In my haste to get finished, I had forgotten to call for my cab. Damn, I muttered to myself.

Whats wrong? Ken asked as he checked to see if he had missed any calls.

I forgot to call for my pics with pregnant I explained, putting my hands on my hips in frustration. I cant go back in to use turkish preggo phone. Company policy. May I use your phone please?

After looking over his missed calls, he looked up at me. Where do you live?

I told him of the area that I lived in.

Youre not too far from me, he said with a smile. Ill give you a ride.

I dont want to inconvenience you, I told him. Its late and I know you are ready to get home to your wifey.

Its no big deal, he debated. Im going that way and it will save you money on a cab. Why spend the money that you just made just to get home? Besides, my wife is out of town for the next few days so I dont think that is a real issue.

I hesitated for a moment. Are you sure? I asked, looking up at the man who had been creeping into my fantasies for who knows how long.

Im positive, he said with a smile. Dont worry... I wont bite unless you ask me to. And with that, he winked at me.

Damn... Why did he have to be married?!

After another minute of consideration, I gave in. Okay, I told him. But no biting.

Only by request, he joked as we both walked to the sparkling clean Escalade. Being a total gentleman, he held my door open until I was securely seated in the passenger seat. He then made pregnant nude girls way around the front of the truck and climbed inside. preg nc he asked.

Yes, thank you, I responded politely, though my insides were in knots. Here I was, in close quarters with the married man who constantly filled my mind when I was home alone playing with the kitten, and I dont mean the four-legged creature! Just knowing that we were alone and so close was enough to sex pictures preggo me to throb at the very core of my erogenous zone.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

We made small talk and listened to music streaming from the radio as he drove me home. I gave him the specific directions to my house and talked to lesbian stories him as though my femininity hadnt developed its own heartbeat because of his nearness. We talked about my car being in the shop and my recent break-up, then his daughter and wife and some of his dealings at his job as a writer in the sports industry. I enjoyed listening to him, though I really didnt know much pregnant doctor sports.

Once he pulled into the driveway of my duplex apartment, he stepped of out pregnant free thumb truck and shocked me by coming around to open my door for me. Such a gentleman, I cooed playfully as I stepped out of the vehicle.

Always, he joked back as he closed the passenger side door. He then walked with me to my front porch, then to my door. See, he then said, Not one single bite.

I laughed a bit. I see! I bantered casually. I appreciate the ride, I informed him with a smile. The pregnant woman wrestlers belly photos wrestling other topics light permitted me to see the smile that had crossed his face. Unable to resist touching him at teenage girl pregnant once, I brother having sex with pregnant sister on my tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. He then turned his lips slightly toward mines, causing me to kiss the side of his mouth instead. Whether it was done on purpose or not, Im not sure, but I wasnt pregnant e-cards Thank you, I said in a low voice that was a little raspier than it had been before.

My pleasure, he responded, his voice also dropping to a lower octave.

For a moment, neither of us said anything. We just kinda eyeballed one another. Shaking myself out of my reverie, nude pregnant girls photos cleared my throat. I better get inside and get cleaned up, I mean take a shower. pregnant babes hope he couldnt see the embarrassment on my face from my blunder.

I understand, he said with one of those kitty-warmin smiles. He slowly backed away from me before making his way down the steps. Goodnight, Lynn.

Goodnight, teenage pregnant women pictures said quietly, almost shyly as I watched him make his way back to his truck. I waved in spite of the darkness birth pregnant women pictures and pregnancy my front porch as he drove away. Nerve still slightly shaken, I fumbled with my keys before finally getting my door unlocked.

After a quick shower, I slipped on one of my silk robes and fixed myself a glass of peach schnapps and peach soda on ice and turned on some relaxing music. As the music of Alicia Keys relaxed me, I reclined on my sofa and sipped from my peach peach and reveled in the fact that I had felt Kens lips with my own. I mean, it wasnt like we shared some mind boggling tongue battle, but I was turned on nevertheless. My curiosity about my married fantasy man on grew pregnant archives because of the wonder I felt at sharing such a simple kiss with him.

Once again, I started throbbing at my center and I felt myself grow moist at the thought of what his wonderful mouth may have been capable of. I pressed my thighs together tightly, trying to ward off the desperate desire to touch myself. I refused to allow the thoughts of this man to have me playing with myself... ONCE AGAIN...

But I throbbed almost painfully. Just a little touch to ease the void that I was feeling between my legs....

I took a nice, long swig of my peach peach before setting nude pregnant teen pics glass on my coffee table. As the sounds of Alicia Keys Secrets drifted into the air, I lazily positioned on best pregnant over the top of the sofa and separated my thighs by placing my other foot on the floor. My robe fell open, exposing my wetness and causing me to feel a light breeze coming from my ceiling fan. I shuddered slightly before I allowed my right hand to slide downward from my stomach to my aching kitty-cat. Just a quick touch...

I was shocked at how wet I had become from just the thought of him. For a moment, I nude posing pregnant dallied with the slickness that lightly coated the lips that guarded my throbbing clit. How would it feel if it were Ken touching me? Just the thought of it made my sopping arena jerk with a abruptness that almost frightened me. I had barely touched myself and I could already feel myself beginning to climax. Could just the THOUGHT of this man cause me to cum?! I couldnt believe it even as I felt my body begin to tremble. I pressed my legs together, tightly, trapping my fingers upon pregnant fucking pounding feminine flesh. That only intensified this unexpected orgasm...

Oh my God, I muttered as I tried to relax my thighs. After the orgasm sex positions pregnant I had just pregnacy sex it was unnecessary to continue, but movie and pregnant and cumshot wasnt content with just that.I slowly ran my fingertips across the hood of my ultra sensitive clitoris, sending my body into more sudden spasms. This is ridiculous I thought to myself in disbelief. The thought of a man had NEVER had this kind of effect on me.... EVER!

But I couldnt stop my explorations yet.... In spite of the acute sensitivity of my passion nub, I couldnt stop caressing it. My touches became bolder... firmer... fake celeb pregnant nude fingers effortlessly slid back and forth over my older sexy pregnant making it slicker and more slippery with each passing stroke. The sensation was so good... almost painful in its intensity.

I then pregnant babes slid two already dampened fingers into my drenched kitten, also allowing my thumb to occasionally stroke my clit... I moaned, wondering if Ken would feel as good. Again, at the thought of him, my kitty pulsed wildly. My muscles tightened around the fingers that were deeply embedded inside of me. I moaned loudly as a wave of something close to bliss whirled over me. The room suddenly blurred and grew dark as my whole body went lax...

I awakened to my doorbell ringing.

I stretched before rising from my sofa, I took a quick sip from my now pregnant bbw down peach peach and went to my door and looked out of the peephole.


What on earth was he doing back here and so early!? It was only eight preganant women in sex the morning!

Hold on! I yelled through the door. Im not decent!

I scrambled to my bedroom, nearly tripping over my own feet and got a quick glimpse in the mirror. My hair was all over my head. My eyes, still puffy from being passed out on the sofa. I looked at my hands and my eyes widened at the dried up remnants from the night before.

I rushed into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and hastily scrubbed my face, hands and cooch before brushing my hair and pulling it into a ponytail. There was no time for make-up, so I threw on a coating of lip gloss pregnant girls growing expanding pregnant belly story throwing on the first tee shirt and pair of shorts that I could find. Yep.... I was going braless and panty-less. Since the thought of this man has sent my body into overdrive the night before, it probably wasnt a good idea...

I opened my front door as gallantly as possible. pic pregnant morning to you, Ken Dall, I Nude Pregnant said, using his pregnancy pics name. What brings you by?

Sorry to wake you up so early, he said rather sheepishly. I have a meeting in an hour, but I thought that I would drop this off to you first. He held up my work apron. I thought that you might need it for work.
pregnant and model you thought right, I said, accepting my apron from him. Remembering that we were standing at the door, I stepped aside. Come in, I said waving him in. I didnt mean to be rude. And thank you for bringing my apron to me.

Not a problem, he replied, stepping into my living room...

Ken was in my living room... sexy pregnant girls could feel the moisture beginning to surface already... Damn shame. Would you like to take a seat? I asked as calmly as I could as I closed my front door. preggo mature
Thanks, he said taking a thumbnailed pregnant porn on the very sofa that I came on thinking about HIM...

The throbbing started....

So, he began, do you think that you will hear anything about your car today?

I hope so, I replied, setting my apron on my recliner. Paying for cabs is a pain in the ass.

Ill tell you what, Ken said, reaching into the pocket inside of his jacket. He pulled out a business card and passed it to me. I dont have anything to do pregnet xxx my meeting today, so if you need a ride, you call me ok.
pic preggos looked at the card, instantly storing his cell phone into my memory. Thank you, I said, looking at him with a smile. I will call you if I need you if I need to ride.

For a second, he just stared at me with a sneaky grin. Realizing my mistake, I quickly corrected myself. If I need A ride.... A RIDE. He just kept smiling, then chuckled.

Quit laughin at me!" I said smartly, faking indignation. You knew what I meant!

Sure, sure, he said in that playful tone. He rose from the sofa. I would love to stick around and talk more about you... needing a ride. But I have to be on time to this meeting. Like I said, call me if you need me.

He was still laughing at me!

Yeah, yeah, I said pushing pregnant babes toward the door, trying pregnant babes to keep from laughing a bit myself. Get out so I can go back to sleep. I opened the door and nudged him out. And thanks for the apron.

I then shut the door in his laughing face....

I shook my head pregant girl fucking amusement as I walked away from the door even though I was slightly annoyed at being pregnant art so early in the huge pregant Oh well, I was wide awake pregnant women's naked belly Complaining and frowning wouldnt do me any good. As I picked up the glass from my coffee table, I caught a slight whiff from my previous activities. I hoped that Kendrick hadnt picked up on it as well. That would be somewhat embarrassing.

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